By Rosanne McLellan on Monday, 30 October 2017
Category: General

Men's Addiction Program

Being a native person in Canada can make it very difficult to desire to enter a program that uses a Christian approach to healing from addictions. The word Christian can conjure up memories of residential school abuses, both personally and generationally.

Andy, a first nations resident here at UGM, was able to move past those potential hindrances and come into the program, because he saw the work of Jesus in another aboriginal man at UGM.  Both of these fellows have been able to see past some of the hurts and abuses of the past and focus on Jesus only.  By doing this, our first nations brothers are experiencing the blessings that focusing on Jesus can bring, much like the disciples did in Matthew 17:5 where they saw ‘no man but Jesus only’.

May we all ask Jesus to help us keep our focus on Him.